“The Sense Mode Profile Test offered in the book takes this  simple but illusive topic and allows the reader to appreciate and respond to the diversity of   Sense Connections we encounter daily. I recommend this book to friends, lovers, mothers, fathers, and all members of the health professions.”

Sukie Miller, PhD. Founder of the Institute for Humanistic Medicine, early director of  Esalen Institute and author.

“Natalie Robinson Garfield’s The Sense Connection is not only a great tool for parents looking to create an effective connection with their babies and children, but for aunts and uncles as well, whose time with their nieces and nephews is often limited. Developing meaningful and powerful connections every time we see these kids is vital to our ability to bond and keep that “cool” aunt and uncle status we’re doing our best to earn and keep with each visit.”

Melanie Notkin, founder of Savvyauntie.com

“Natalie strikes an essential chord in understanding the matrix of love. She teaches new ways of finding the bond that helps couple’s work through their challenges.”

Armand Di Mele, founder of The Di Mele Center for Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Research, producer and host of the popular radio program, The Positive Mind on WBAI-FM.