book-coverWhy do we find ourselves so compatible with some people yet so out of synch with others?  Why do some relationships – personal and professional – start smooth but develop friction?  And why do others sputter and then soar? Frustrate and then fulfill?

In The Sense Connection, Natalie Robinson Garfield, the noted psychotherapist and early childhood development expert provides clear insights and practical solutions that address these fundamental relationship questions.  Garfield reveals how each person’s “sensory profile” shapes how we see, hear, taste and feel the world around us.

The idea is as powerful as it is simple: senses matter.

Through easy self-testing and fascinating case studies, The Sense Connection will teach you which senses shape you the most and how to better connect with others of different make-ups.

The Sense Connection provides a unique perspective and tools for understanding others.  Whether you’re a parent looking to bond with your children and to maximize their potential, an adult looking to connect with your partner, or a professional looking to develop relationships with customers or colleagues, Garfield offers insights and guidance for enhancing communication, teamwork, and intimacy.

It’s time to understand your senses in a whole new way. You will see, feel, hear, and taste the differences before you know it.